Megan North is the founder of Wellness While Working. She is also a Success Works mentor. […]
Marisa was interviewed by Success Works Board members Dr Pru Black and Professor Diane van den […]
Success Works Partners, a DGR-registered charity and innovative new social enterprise supporting women with a criminal […]
Celebrating Success Works Volunteer Mentor Induction by Gemma Kollios, Mentor Coordinator In a world where empowerment […]
Toni Craig is a Senior Change Manager with NAB. She is also a Success Works mentor. […]
By Gemma Kollios, Mentor Coordinator Gemma Kollios is the Success Works Mentor Coordinator. Gemma’s role is […]
Success Works Partners believes that Alice, and others facing similar barriers, should not have her future determined by her past. We believe that Alice should be given the same employment opportunities others enjoy. This is not just about the importance of forgiveness, it’s also about the need to provide women, such as Alice, with a genuine opportunity to participate in work, to be included.
Julie Babineau is the CEO of Odyssey House NSW a rehabilitation service which addresses the harms associated with alcohol and other drug use. She is also a Success Works mentor.

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