We believe a criminal record should never be viewed as an automatic disqualification for employment

Success Works Partners is not-for-profit social enterprise with DGR (deductible gift recipient) status. We transform the lives of women affected by the criminal justice system, by providing them with employability skills and empowering them to present themselves to an employer who sees their skills and potential and not their record. We break down the barriers to employment for women with a criminal record through employer engagement, training and advocating for change.

what makes Success Works Unique?

We are the only recruitment agency specialising in supporting and placing women with a criminal record into meaningful employment. Because many of our staff have lived experience of the criminal justice system, we know how it feels to go through the criminal record check process. If you are a woman with a criminal record seeking a job, we are here to support you.  

Our History

Success Works Partners began as a pilot program of Dress for Success Sydney in 2019 and was generously funded by the Ian Potter Foundation and the Vincent Fairfax Family Founda tion. In 2022, Success Works Partners became a standalone independent not-for-profit social enterprise with DGR status. Success Works Partners is a proud member of the Keeping Women out of Prison Coalition (KWOOP) .

Our 3 year Plan Strategic Objectives

Change more women’s lives

We will provide quality mentoring and job readiness services to support the mental health and confidence of our women candidates, making a difference to their lives and setting them up for success in employment.

provide more job opportunities

We will provide more job opportunities through a growing list of employer partners and Workforce Australia providers. Developing strategic relationships with the right partners will help us broaden the scale of our impact.

influence change in the system

We will be a leader in the sector and advocate for positive change in employment practices, as well as changing public perceptions of women impacted by the criminal justice system.

build a sustainable future

We will grow sustainably and build a strong and inclusive organisation backed by engaged and skilled people. We will refine our business model and seek government and philanthropic support to build sustainability over the long term.

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