A criminal record should never be viewed as an automatic disqualification for employment.

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Women with a prior criminal history generally don’t have access to labour market opportunities once released from custody. Subsequently, they return to criminal activity

Ooi, E.J. (2018). Recent Trends in the Female Prison Population (Bureau Brief No. 130).Sydney: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

What is Success Works?

Creating and Maintaining Positive Employment Outcomes

Work Readiness

Provides work readiness/employability skill development and transitional support for women affected by the criminal justice system

Employment Opportunities

Delivers employment opportunities


Support commences post-release to increase women’s employability and level of success transitioning back into society and the workforce

Encouragement for All

Women affected by the criminal justice system already in the community are encouraged to join the program

Successful Candidates

Our candidates challenge stereotyped attitudes by showing they can make successful and valued members of staff


 An initiative created and unique in Australia

The NSW Premier has set new social Priorities that will tackle tough community challenges, lift the quality of life for all citizens and put people at the heart of everything the NSW Government does.

Reduce adult re offending following release from prison by 5% by 2023

How We Work

As a candidate, an employee or part of the community, you can get involved to help resolve our challenge

Candidates for Employment

Work with Success Works to develop skills and work readiness

Access support to identify employment opportunities and make application for jobs

Experience the support of a mentor to facilitate the process


Participate in the Success Works Program by agreeing to interview a Success Works candidate on their merits

Know that you’ve kept a woman out of prison, transformed her children’s lives and helped break the intergenerational cycle of deprivation and crime

Demonstrate your commitment to workplace diversity


Talk about the discrimination and prejudice experienced by women who have paid for their crime and signal they want to break the cycle

Recommend the Success Works Program to employers you know

Donate to the Program to ensure the support continues for marginalised and vulnerable women.

To break down barriers to employment for women affected by the criminal justice system

To work with employers to develop opportunities for women to ensure these women are supported in line with the processes and procedures of the employer

To build confidence and skills for women post release to apply for suitable jobs

To reduce the re-offending rates of women in NSW

Our Challenge

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