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The Success Works program is a unique initiative designed to secure better employment opportunities for vulnerable women in our community. The program is designed to reduce recidivism, deter offending and improve community safety and well-being. Without the services provided by Success Works many women would go without the necessary support that is required to help them secure employment. This support provides an important foundation to restoring levels of self-esteem that all individuals in our community deserve. 

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If you are a woman with a criminal record and are seeking a job, we can help you. If you are an employer seeking to become one of trusted partners or to fill a specific role, register your interest below. We also offer training to employers seeking to better understand this area of employment. Our mentoring program plays an essential role in building the confidence of women seeking a job. If you can spare the time, volunteer to be a mentor and share your experience – it really will make a difference.

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Every donation you make will provide women with employability skills and empower them to present themselves to an employer who sees their skills and potential and not the criminal record.

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