Megan North is the founder of Wellness While Working. She is also a Success Works mentor. Megan was interviewed in November 2023 and she shared her experience of mentoring with Success Works Mentor Manager Gemma Kollios

Tell us a little bit about you?

I am a coach, facilitator and speaker and work with women in business to overcome the overwhelm and achieve optimal mental health, wellness and balance in their lives.

My passion for coaching began during my own journey as a high-performing woman in the corporate world. I was inspired by the coaches, healers, and mentors that I worked with to help manage my own stress and mental health.  I set out to create programs that would provide the tools and guidance needed to achieve balance and wellness.

I am obsessed with changing the lives of others and helping those who struggle with their own mental health. I am a Mental Health First Aider and a mental health advocate and I am committed to working with my clients to achieve success on their journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

How long have you been a mentor with SW?

Just over 12 months now.

Could you share some of the specific challenges that the women you mentor face, and how mentoring helps them overcome these challenges?

The biggest challenge they face is a lack of confidence and self-belief.  Actually, I would have to say that most women, regardless of their circumstances experience this.  However, the women who are coming through SW have an added layer of pressure on themselves because of their background and recent situation.  As women, we are very good at telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough for an opportunity or role, and the women who go through SW are no different.

Can you give us an example of a particularly inspiring or transformative moment you’ve experienced while mentoring?

Absolutely, my Mentee never ceases to amaze me, she secured a position within a couple of months of us working together and she has continued to grow, learn, develop, and shine since.  Every fortnight I notice that her confidence and self-worth have increased, and she is never afraid to look at herself and ask “How can I do this better” or “How can I handle this situation differently” – this is what inspires me.

How does your experience as a mentor impact your own life?

I love being of service to others and I get such pleasure out of seeing my Mentee grow and transform.

What message would you like to convey to anyone considering volunteering as a mentor for individuals impacted by the criminal justice system?

I would strongly encourage it, something that may seem simple or easy to you can be life-changing for your Mentee.  As women we feel empowered when we are supported by other women, you will not be disappointed to work with the team at SW.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have learned so much over the last 12 months from SW and my Mentee, and I look forward to seeing what the next 12 months brings.

With many thanks to Megan

Success Works believes that mentoring is an enormously effective and beneficial process for women affected by the criminal justice system. We acknowledge the essential and valuable contribution mentors make in providing support and empowerment to women who are committed to seeking, securing, and maintaining employment. We are currently looking for new mentors. Could you change a woman’s life?

We are currently looking for new Mentors. Could you change a woman’s life?


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