Celebrating Success Works Volunteer Mentor Induction by Gemma Kollios, Mentor Coordinator

In a world where empowerment knows no bounds, Success Works has taken a significant stride toward transforming lives with our recent volunteer mentor induction. Hosted at the inspiring venue of Beyond Bank located in Homebush, this induction brought together four passionate women, with a remarkable twist – three of them were dedicated employees of the Beyond Bank family. These mentors are set to be guiding lights for women who have been impacted by the criminal justice system, steering them towards a journey of employment and newfound opportunities.  

The Success Works mentor induction stands as a testament to the extraordinary potential of mentoring, channeling it to uplift women who have faced the justice system’s challenges. By providing guidance, support, and a platform for growth, mentors become architects of change, building a foundation for these women’s future success.

Mentors from the Heart of Beyond Bank

The resonance of the Success Works mentor induction deepens when we realise that three out of the four mentors are drawn from Beyond Bank’s dedicated workforce. This unique aspect underscores the commitment of the organisation’s staff members toward contributing positively to society.

Empowering through Employment

The heart of the Success Works initiative lies in the empowerment of women impacted by the criminal justice system through employment. The act of securing a job extends far beyond financial stability – it instills a sense of purpose, dignity, and a renewed sense of identity. By addressing the unique hurdles these women face, the Success Works mentor program is unlocking doors, breaking stigmas, and presenting pathways toward successful reintegration into society.

The Success Works volunteer mentor induction is a beacon of hope, underscoring the boundless potential of mentorship. As Beyond Bank’s own staff members step up as mentors, they are not just investing in women’s futures but also embracing the values of compassion, empathy, and solidarity. This initiative marks a powerful reminder that change often springs from within, and Success Works is at the forefront of sculpting a future filled with empowerment, inclusivity, and success.

An Urgent Call for Action

The narrative of Success Works mentor induction is a call for action for every business, organisation, and individual. Becoming a mentor holds the key to impactful change, and its potential can be harnessed to uplift entire communities. By investing in our mentor program, organisations can offer hands of support, leading individuals towards gaining employment and ultimately transforming lives for the better.

With many thanks to Beyond Bank.

Success Works believes that mentoring is an enormously effective and beneficial process for women affected by the criminal justice system. We acknowledge the essential and valuable contribution mentors make in providing support and empowerment to women who are committed to seeking, securing, and maintaining employment. We are currently looking for new mentors. Could you change a woman’s life?

We are currently looking for new Mentors. Could you change a woman’s life?


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