Candidate Caroline* had been looking for work for three years without success. She was interviewed by Success Works Board member, Marisa Rore

Caroline’s hurdle was always her criminal record and the long gap without any references or experience because she was incarcerated. She heard about Success Works through a woman in her church, who is a mentor at Success Works. Caroline said that joining the program helped her in so many ways: attending the workshops that promoted self-care and improving self-confidence, writing resumes, and interview skills, understanding the mentoring program, access to job markets, and how to liaise with employers about background checks.

Caroline has now secured an office role which is exactly the type of work she was seeking.   As she said, “It is a steady, full-time job that provides long-term security and a start to returning to a normal life”.

One of the things Caroline learned is that there can be setbacks to getting a job but with the support of the staff at Success Works and listening to their advice, she realised that it was important to go to as many employment interviews as you can. 

As Caroline told me,“It can be very disheartening when you keep getting turned down, but Eleni is here to help.  She is genuinely passionate about helping women to find jobs.  So please take her advice and work with her each step of the way.”

For Caroline and all the other candidates who use the Success Works program, the personal rewards of getting a job are life-changing.

“Without a job, you cannot start a new life no matter how hard you try.  Living on benefits is very stressful and depressing.  Money is never enough to cover the high living expenses, especially when you have to start fresh from nothing out of prison.  No friends, no family, and no future,” says Caroline

Support from Success Works has given Caroline hope for her future. She is a great endorsement of a Program that works, “I just hope the government will be able to allocate more resources to Success Works as there is no other program dedicated to helping women from prison to find work and get back on their feet.”

*Name and image changed for privacy

At Success Works, we unlock the potential of women with a criminal record through our mentoring program, one-to-one support, and job readiness workshops. We also work with employers to help them address structural issues that create barriers to these women finding employment. Through this model, we provide opportunities for women with a criminal record to access sustainable employment, rebuild their lives, and not re-offend.

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