Hailey Scott was interviewed by Board Members Dr Prudence Black and Associate Professor Diane
van den Broek

Hayley Scott is Head of Social Impact for Winc, an Australia-wide workplace supplies company.

She loves her job and has valued her long-term relationship with the charity Dress for Success, Sydney, and more recently Success Works. As part of this support, Hayley meets with Success Works monthly and checks the list of roles for potential candidates.

The employment process at Winc includes a big focus on the candidate, their experience, and suitability for the role. As Hayley says: “We hear from the candidates in their own words. We look at the whole person, not just their history, and make a judgement call based on that”.

There is still room for improvement though. Winc is currently working with Eleni to review the language used throughout the recruitment process to ensure that candidates know that any criminal history will not make or break the opportunity for them. The company’s goal is to treat potential candidates fairly and without judgement because of their history.

Successful candidates have a mentor assigned to them, someone who is relevant to their personal development goals or career goals. Hourly sessions are then held once a month.

Winc has a genuine commitment to supporting and empowering women. Hayley reflects: “A lot of the cases we have had have been due to some intimate partner and domestic violence situations. To be able to give those women a new beginning and a chance to reclaim their lives and their independence is a great thing. The way Success Works enables companies like Winc to be able to support these women throughout this journey is just fantastic”.

Giving these women employment opportunities can have life-changing effects. One employee was interviewed for a job with Winc on a Monday and was offered the job on the Wednesday. One year later she is doing great. She’s getting her kids back and she’s killing it at Winc over-delivering on her KPIs.

That’s a real win for everyone!

Hailey Scott was interviewed by Board Members Dr Prudence Black and Associate Professor Diane
van den Broek

If you are a potential Employer, contact us to discuss the role you might play in helping a woman with a criminal record gain employment.

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